In my doctor’s office for pediatrics and adolescent medicine with focus on neuropaediatrics the health and welfare of our neuropediatric patients and their families is our main concern.
Neuropaediatrics includes the entire spectrum of neurological diseases and problems of infants, children and adolescents.

At the beginning a distinct diagnose usually stands in the center of effort after we discussed the problem together. It is very important for both of us – doctor and patient/family – that you are always honest with me and straight forward in conversations.

I am looking forward to accompany you and your child throughout the entire time of its infancy or initial contact till young adulthood. I will explain everything to you with competence and patience. So together we will find individual ways to optimize coping with everyday life under integrative consideration of the respective situation.

For civil Americans referral from your house doctor will not be required. You are welcome to bring it with you though, if your pediatrician or family doctor gave you one.
In specific question it is always advisable that you check exactly, which diagnostical examination your doctor wants to get since, if necessary, for special examinations separate office hours can be chosen in order to save you multiple appointments. For example, when you already know that an EEG should be run, a combination of EEG followed by discussion of findings with the doctor can be planned in advance.

We also extended our download page with questionnaires to illness or developmental course that can be printed and filled out in advance. So you can bring it with you to the appointment together with any existing letters and findings that you’ve got. For patients with extensive history it would be desirable if you could send important documents in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Dirk Neumayer

The here available information will be updated steadily. Please check again from time to time.

Should you not be able to reach us at our official number 0631-414 78 400 using your phone at home, please try it again using your cell phone. In case of still having trouble, contact us per fax or email